Back the gym - may be its time to take some MSM


As the long month of January crawls to a close we are all looking more optimistically to a more normal life and a return to activities. For many this will include sports, exercise and a return to the gym but from such a sedentary phase getting back into the stride of things needs to take time. Strains and pains are often an acceptable risk of an active sporting existence and the use of a little known dietary supplement called MSM may help. MSM, short for methylsulfonylmethane, is a naturally occurring compound that donates sulphur to the body once broken down. Suphur is important for several functions including support of connective tissue and skin health.

For more details on the effects of MSM click here and it will take you to the OptiMSM page where you can click on the ‘More information’ tab to download information sheets on its effects in Sports and Exercise and Skin Health as well as some details on the science of MSM and a great over view article.

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