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About Us

Welcome to our internet shop. This site is maintained by Hadley Wood Healthcare Ltd and aims to offer you the very best in innovative health and dietary supplements. It is our aim to offer new and existing customers a convenient way of obtaining health products and viewing the growing range of new products.

Our health clinic was established in 1988 which grew into what is now known as Hadley Wood Healthcare Ltd when we started to import key herbal and nutritional supplements from America and Europe for exclusive use in the centre. As our range grew, so did demand, and our mail order department was born. With the growth in internet business, the next logical step was to launch our internet shop.

Our clinic is a busy place but we always have time to answer enquiries. Please feel free to visit our clinic website at or click on the contact us option on this site for specific health advice and recommendations. Our qualified team of health practitioners will get back to you normally within 24 hours.

We have been professionally involved in delivering natural health solutions, advice and supplements for many years and are confident that the companies we represent share our passion for quality and purity. Our product range grew out of our own interest in sourcing effective and quality products for our natural health clinic located in North London. With the experience gained in the clinic, we soon discovered what products met with our, and our clients, high standards and actually produced results in real life situations. As well as developing our own Daily Dose range we also forged strong relationships with the American Naturopathic profession and adopted many of their supplement programmes for the UK.

To that end, we became the exclusive distributor for Enzymatic Therapy and PhytoPharmica products within the UK and Ireland and are proud of their many achievements in the field of natural healthcare. Did you know that in 1986 Enzymatic Therapy were the first company to introduce standardization to the U.S. supplement industry? This is now the accepted “Gold Standard” for most supplement suppliers in the UK.

Other company firsts include:

  • 1986: Enzymatic Therapy introduces standardised "pharmaceutical-grade" Ginkgo biloba to America.
  • 1986: Enzymatic Therapy manufactures peppermint oil for digestive support in enteric-coated capsules.
  • 1986: Milk Thistle for natural liver support, is introduced to the United States by Enzymatic Therapy.
  • 1986: Enzymatic Therapy introduces Deglycyrrhizinated liquorice, ("DGL") an extract for digestive support, to the United States.
  • 1993: Enzymatic Therapy introduces glucosamine sulfate to the U.S.
  • 2001: Enzymatic Therapy begins distributing Vitaline® CoQ10, the highest purity available and subject of over 20 scientific studies.
  • 2002: Enzymatic Therapy introduces True Delivery™ Technology to encapsulate and protect the beneficial microflora in Acidophilus Pearls™.
  • 2003: Enzymatic Therapy introduces True Dispersion™ Technology - a patent-pending, revolutionary approach to fibre.
  • 2004: Using the same patent-pending True Dispersion™ Technology found in Whole Body Cleanse, Enzymatic Therapy introduces Fibre Fusion™ - the first non-gritty, drink mix to combine great taste with daily cleansing to promote regularity and tone your system every day!

With such a legacy behind us, if you cannot find the product you are looking for on this site please contact us and we are almost sure to know where to look for it. The Supersupps site is here to supply you with the products you need on a daily basis. That’s how we came up with the name!

We welcome your comments and suggestions and look forward to hearing from you.

Marcus & Maria Webb - Founders and Co-Directors

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