Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Supersupps different from other internet based supplement shops?

Supersupps is a very different supplement shop. We have grown our range of products over many years of listening to customer feedback, seeing the results in our natural health clinics and working closely with our suppliers to ensure that we only stock top quality products. At Supersupps you can contact us directly by phone to discuss your requirements if unsure regarding your product selecion, or email us for a prompt reply.

How can I get to talk to someone about my individual requirements?

We are always very happy to hear from customers. If you have a question regarding a health concern and want a personalised recommendation feel free to email us by clicking on the contact us page or call using our FreePhone number 0800 783 0163.

How long has Supersupps been trading?

Supersupps is the internet face of Hadley Wood Healthcare, an organization that has been exclusively devoted to complementary medicine since 1988.

I am taking a mix of different supplements how do I know if I am taking too many?

This is a common question. Many people collect products as they discover them or are recommended to use them by family and friends. Sometimes you can be over-doing things and simply taking excessive amounts that your body will not use. If you are taking lots of different products we recommend emailing us with your current list and we will advise what to take, cut our or what we can offer to replace many of your individual products with one of our specialist multiple products.

The product I was looking for was not listed on Supersupps, what can I do?

No problem! We have many specialist products that are stocked by our health clinic but are not on the web site. If you can't find it on Supersupps we can probably find it through our network of suppliers, both in the UK and America. Call or email us with your request and we will do our best!

How long do I need to take supplements for before I notice any benefit?

This is very dependent on what supplements you are taking and why you are taking them. Most supplements are taken to improve overall health and well-being and should be built into an overall approach to your lifestyle alongside a well-balanced diet. Other products taken for more specific health concerns should be given at least 4-6 weeks before the results can be judged.

Some products listed on Supersupps appear quite expensive compared to other supplement sites, why is this?

We simply don't stock cheap products made from low quality raw materials. Some of our products may appear more expensive but you are buying quality and purity. This is very important to us and should be the key deciding factor for you. When broken down to cost per day even our more expensive products are no way near to the price of a cup of high street coffee!

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