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Kelp tablets 240 tablets

Kelp tablets 240 tablets
Kelp contains iodine, supporting metabolism and normal thyroid function
Kelp tablets are one of our oldest nutritional supplements. Containing iodine, they can help those w...
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Kelp600mg100 capsules

Natures Way
100 capsules

As a dietary supplement company we are not allowed to make any claims regarding treatment or cure of...
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Kelpamare Seasoning sauce 85ml

Kelpamare Seasoning sauce 85ml
Made with soy sauce and vegetable extracts
Kelpamare is a distinctive seasoning sauce prepared from a blend of soy sauce, spices, organically g...

Nutrisorb® Liquid Iodine - 15ml

Nutrisorb® Liquid Iodine - 15ml
Nutrisorb® Liquid Iodine drops as bioavailable potassium iodide in a simple, hypoallergenic purified water base.
Nutrisorb® liquids are a range of high potency liquid nutrients.Iodine contributes to the normal...

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TH 207 - 60 Capsules

TH 207 - 60 Capsules
TH207 is a unique combination of herbs, nutrients and enzymes including kelp, vitamin C, Siberian ginseng, niacin and thiamine. It also provides iodine (from kelp) and selenium which contribute to the normal thyroid function.
Iodine and selenium contribute to the normal thyroid function.Vitamin C, niacin and magnesium contri...
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