There is more to vitamin C than you think


There is more to vitamin C than you think
While we have all heard about taking some vitamin C for a common cold the immune support it gives is just as important today as ever.. and may be more so at the moment!

Vitamin C is on of what we call 'Three Musketeers' that comprise vitamin D, C and zinc. In a follow up post we will present the case for zinc and zinc supplementation as well as for vitamin D but in this post we will focus on vitamin C.

Vitamin C is everywhere but with such a low level of recommended basic intake of 40mg for men and women it is not hard to hit this level exclusively from diet alone but remember, this intake level reflects avoiding scurvy and is well below the amount needed for optimal health.

Here are some key foods;

  • Brussel sprouts (cooked) 100mg of vit C per 100g (yes, more than a Kiwi fruit!)
  • Raw red peppers (50g) = 140mg vit C
  • Raw green peppers (50g) = 120mg vit C
  • Kiwi fruit (100g) = 98mg vit C
  • Orange juice 1 large glass = 80mg vit C
  • 1 Mango = 50mg vit C
  • Boiled broccoli (100g) = 44mg vit C
  • Tomatoes (150g) = 25mg vit C
  • Boiled sweet potato (150g) = 23mg vit C
  • Boiled cabbage (100g) = 20mg vit C

As you can see, there is vitamin C all around us so hitting the BASIC requirements is not difficult but taking some extra in times of biological need such as illness, immune support and to support healing is wise.

If you keep your supplement level sensible (We suggest no more than 500 mg daily along with diet) there will not be any real issue with adverse side effects often seen in the megadose intake levels.

As you can see from the pointing finger, there are many supplement forms out there to confuse you.

At we suggest you consider the 'Gentle' formula of vitamin C as a supplement. This delivers vitamin C in a low-acid format so there is minimal risk of gastric irritation sometimes experienced with taking pure ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C in the form of Ester-C offers superior absorption and data suggests better effects on our white blood cells.

Powdered vitamin C is great for those that find tablets hard to swallow or simply prefer popping their vitamin C into a drink.

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