The Five Senses

The Five Senses
ISBN 1851589538
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Jan de Vries explains how these vitally important senses are affected by modern life, providing a strategy to deal with these assaults on the body and describing ways to protect health. Best-selling author and world-renowned naturopath Jan de Vries has become increasingly aware of the damage that today's environment has had on the five senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and vision, Man's immune system is under constant attack by viruses, allergies, bacteria, pollution, food, water and air. Computer screens and television can affect our vision. Noise pollution and additives can lead to the likes of tinnitus and Meniere's disease. Pollution damages the immune system, making us more vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and parasites. Diet affects the sensory system and taste is affected by congestion and bronchial problems. These are just some of the ways in which our senses are damaged and for each Jan de Vries discusses the problems and their causes. He provides the reader with practical advice on remedies and other therapies including acupressure, reflexology, aromatherapy, massage, vitamins and different forms of medicine. As Jan de Vries says in his introduction, 'If you lose your senses you lose your sense of living'; this book will help you to live again.

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