Stress & Nervous Disorders

Stress & Nervous Disorders
ISBN 1851586512
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Immensely successful, this practical book offers proven help to tackle stress and stress related disorders. In today's modern society stress has become a major killer. Jan de Vries shows you practical ways to overcome problems such as depression, anorexia, phobias, allergies and alcoholism based on his unique low-stress diet. A must for modern living! n Stress&Nervous Disorders Jan de Vries deals with one of the major problems of today's society. He discusses the issues and provides proven and practical advice especially on a low-stress diet. Other areas covered in this highly successful and much praised book include depression, anorexia nervosa, phobias, allergies and alcoholism. Books like this fill the gap. Of course, Jan de Vries is a sophisticated alternative therapist, but what he gives in this book about nervous disorders is more than alternative therapy. He combines alternative treatment with grass-root level wisdom - the thing we lost when we began insuring our bodies and thinking that someone else is responsible for their well-being.

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