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The Secure-Comfort is the standard dental guard that will suit the majority of people. It is the original design guard that has stood the test of time and is our most popular model in the range. Dental Guards for Bruxism&TMJ SleepRight Dental Guards are designed to protect teeth&TMJ from clenching and grinding (Bruxism). The SleepRight is an ingenious, beautifully designed premium dental guard that is a market leader in the US and now available in the UK. It is an approved product that can be worn day or night and helps re-train the muscles to stop grinding. You don't even need a prescription or spend hours in the dentist chair because it is ready made, fully adjustable for all sizes and easy to fit by you in seconds. The SleepRight Dental Guard provides a cushion of space between your teeth that will help protect them from the destructive forces generated by overactive chewing muscles. Spacing your teeth apart also decompresses the jaw joints (TMJ) and acts as a splint. Your SleepRights articulating bitepads are made of a hybrid resilient material that slip comfortably between your teeth and are designed to re-establish your natural freeway space. They interrupt the clenching cycle so that the jaw muscles can relax. For bets results For best results, wear your dental guard at least 30 minutes before retiring to bed. Concentrate on 'lips together, teeth apart' to initiate jaw muscle relaxation. Special note SleepRight is a one size fits all product and is a reasonable method to self addressing the issue of uncomplicated jaw tension related discomfort. However, we do not recommend using this product if you are currently undergoing Dental or Orthodontic treatment or using retainers or braces without consulting your dental professional. Returns policy Our suppliers do not offer a refund on this product.

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