Pil-Food (90 capsules)

Pil-Food (90 capsules)
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The concept of PIL-FOOD is based on the idea of supplying the body with sufficient quantities of valuable, specific substances, essential for the synthesis of keratin, the main compound of hair and nails.

Pil-Food was initially developed and launched in Switzerland 20 years ago and since then has been continually developed and refined. The efficacy of Pil-Food has been investigated in more than 10 studies with over 2400 participants in different countries.

Pil-Food is an effective and well tolerated treatment of most hair and nail problems and is particularly indicated in cases of thinning, dull hair and hair loss.

Pil-Food helps reduce hair loss, stimulates hair and nail growth and strengthens and improves their structure.

Pil-Food should be taken at the first signs of hair problems since it prolongs the life cycle of hair. Therefore, you should act before it is too late since only living hair roots can be nourished to make hair re-grow.

Pil-Food is an internal treatment for hair problems which acts at the hair root. The key to Pil-Food's effectiveness is the quantity and balance of its active ingredients:
1. Sulphurated amino acids DL-Methionine and L-Cystine are the essential sulphurated amino acids which act as the building blocks for the formation of keratin (the basic structure of hair) and promote hair growth. Enzyme - Hydrolysed Lactabumin also provides amino acids for the production of keratin fibres, for elasticity and strength.
2. Vitamins The B complex vitamins contribute to healthy skin and hair. B6 plays an important role in the absorption of sulphurated amino acids. Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant concerned both directly and indirectly in hair growth.
3. Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Millet extract in Pil-Food contains polyunsaturated fatty acids which helps to nourish and regenerate the scalp.
4. Trace elements A lack of certain trace elements can lead to skin disorders as well as growth problems. Pil-Food Millet extract contains minerals of natural origin such as iron, copper, zinc, manganese and iodine. 

ARE THERE ANY SIDE EFFECTS? Clinical investigations and many years of experience (for the suppliers) have demonstrated that Pil-Food is very well tolerated. Pil-Food does not contain hormones and, therefore, no undesired body hair growth should occur.

Suggested use: 3 capsules per day with water during meals.
For best results, it is necessary to take Pilfood® Complex for a period of at least 3 months. 
The first visible effects are noticeable after 6-8 weeks of continuous use.

More Information

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Amount per recommended daily intake (3 capsules)

L-Cystine | 1000mg
Millet extract | 1400mg
L-Methionine | 50mg
Iron | 20mg (143% NRV)
Zinc | 16mg (160% NRV)
Vitamin E | 14mg (117% NRV)
Vitamin B5 | 10mg (167% NRV)
Vitamin B6 | 4mg (286% NRV)
Manganese | 4mg (200% NRV)
Gamma-linolenic acid | 3mg
Vitamin B2 | 2mg (143% NRV)
Copper | 1.6mg (160 % NRV)
Biotin | 100 mcg (200% NRV)

Capsule: Gelatin with capsule colourants E171, E122, E172
NRV = Nutrient refrence value

For additional information view product information leaflet downloadable via our More Information tab.


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