Migraine & Epilepsy

Migraine & Epilepsy
ISBN 1851588205
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Occurring suddenly and swiftly, with frightening levels of pain, Migraine and Epilepsy are conditions which scare. Jan de Vries looks at the symptoms of these conditions and offers sufferers relief by the proper use of diet and nutrition. He also examines tinnitus, Meniere's Disease and the theory that low blood sugar can trigger migraine attacks. A 'must have' book for any sufferer. Contents: Common Migraines, Classical Migraines, Abdominal Migraines, Circulatory Migraines, Hormonal Migraines and Menstrual Migraines, Psychosomatic Migraines, Menieres Syndrome, Tinnitus, Vertigo, Convulsions, Epilepsy, Practical Advice.

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