Life Without Arthritis - the Maori Way

Life Without Arthritis - the Maori Way
ISBN 1851584668
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As a race the Maoris live to a great age and are blessed with very good health, with few signs of arthritis and rheumatism in older tribe members. After studying the Maori diet, Jan de Vries concluded that the foods they ate are a major source of their good health and the low incidence of arthritis and rheumatism amongst them. In this book the secrets of the Maori diet are explored as a method of preventing arthritis and rheumatism in old age. In Life Without Arthritis Jan de Vries shows how the dietary management of the maori people is the major source of continued good health - and that it is a diet now widely available in Western society. He shares the treasures of the Maoris and explains how, by following their example, there can be life without arthritis or rheumatism.

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