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InoCell IP-6 with Inositol in Capsules and IP6 with Inositol Powder
Vegetarian Society Approved

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InoCell IP-6 with Inositol in Capsules and IP6 with Inositol Powder
Blending IP6 with Inositol
Code 1585 120 veg caps and 1590 414g Powder

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Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP-6) is also known as myo-inositol hexaphosphate an all natural substance and very safe for regular use as a dietary supplement.

Suggested capsule use: 2 capsules taken twice daily best before or between food. Higher intakes of up to 8 capsules twice a day may be taken by those with specific health concerns. Best taken on an empty stomach. See our 'special notice' section for notes on higher intake levels.

Suggested powder use: 1 - 2 measures daily, this can be split into smaller servings throughout the day is required.



More Information

PDF icon View IP6 with Inositol Powder label
(Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, 973.36kb)

PDF icon Inositol hexaphosphate plus inositol induced complete remission in stage IV melanoma: a case report
(Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, 162.68kb)

PDF icon Article: The Power to Fight is in Your Hands
(Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, 130.69kb)

PDF icon Alternative Medicine Review: Inositol Hexaphosphate monograph
(Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, 42.12kb)

PDF icon Phytate Decreases Formation of Advanced Glycation End-Products in Patients with Type II Diabetes: Randomized Crossover Trial
(Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, 1,587.59kb)

PDF icon Phytate (IP6) is a Powerful Agent for Preventing Calcifications in Biological Fluids: Usefulness in Renal Lithiasis Treatment
(Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, 3,753.59kb)

PDF icon View IP6 with Inositol (InoCell) Capsules label
(Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, 724.38kb)

PDF icon Research on IP6 and bone health (osteoporosis)
(Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, 1,178.15kb)



Capsule product (120 vegetarian capsules)

Amount per 1 capsule

InoCell | 510mg
(Proprietary blend of inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) and inositol)

Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) | 400mg
Inositol | 110mg

Capsule: Cellulose

Allergy advise: These products are manufactured in a facility that also handles cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, peanuts, soybeans, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, sulphites, lupin and molluscs and products thereof.

Powdered product (414mg tub)

Serving size 1 level scoop (6.9g)
Servings per container: 60

IP6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate from calcium magnesium phytate) | 3.2g
Inositol | 880mg

Calcium (from IP6) | 591mg
Phosphorous (from IP6) | 713mg
Magnesium (from IP6) | 153mg

Other ingredients: Citric acid, malic acid, mango passion fruit flavour, stevia extract, monk fruit, beta carotene (colour)


Special Notice

Notes on intake Some people may wish to take IP-6 in high amounts. In this case the powder is the preferred form. To help you calculate the intake that you require please see the guidelines below; Regarding the powder: 1 x measure of the powder mix (supplied in the tub) delivers 6.9g of actual powder of which 3.2g is IP6 and 880mg is inositol. Regarding the capsules: 1 capsule delivers 400mg IP6 and 110 inositol Therefore, 1 x measure of power is the equivalent to 8 capsules



What is IP6?

IP6 is found in substantial amounts in whole grains, cereals, legumes, nuts and seeds and is the primary energy source for germinating seeds. IP6 and other inositol phosphates (IP1, IP2, IP3, IP4, IP5) are found in most mamalian cells where it assists in “regulating and normalizing ” a variety of important cell functions. IP3 is the key regulator of cell growth, therefore Inositol & Cal Mag IP6 produce the maximum effect desired. IP3 controls cell production and differentiation. Inositol is recognized as part of the vitamin B complex group. Inositol is found in meats, citrus fruits, nuts, beans and whole grains. It is water soluble and not stored very well in the body. Thus an intake of inositol is needed daily to support many functions.


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