Beta 1,3-D glucan 100mg<br>60 caps
Suitable for Vegetarians

Transfer Point
Beta 1,3-D glucan 100mg
60 caps

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Transfer Points Beta Glucan Derived from the cell walls of baker's yeast, Transfer Point's Beta glucan has been scientifically proven to maintain and support a healthy immune response. A strong immune system is vital to the preservation of your good health. Transfer Point's Beta glucan has been subjected to rigorous studies at numerous universities, and is the most potent Beta glucan available on the market today. Available in three sizes, to best fit your needs. This 100mg, 60-capsule bottle is ideal for maintenance doses. Purity Transfer Point, Inc. is the only company that offers a Beta glucan with a minimum of 85% Beta 1,3 D glucan content, and no harmful contaminants. Every batch is independently tested and a Certificate of Analysis is provided and available upon request. We care about quality Every single batch of every ingredient is tested by our manufacturer. They are tested for purity and potency, and every batch comes with its own Certificate of Analysis. The facilities where our products are encapsulated and packaged are ISO:9000 certified, and our manufacturers follow Good Manufacturing Practices. The Beta glucan 300® difference Beta glucan 300® is the designation for the active ingredient in our formula. Transfer Point Beta 1,3-D Glucan is the product name. At this time, only a few other companies use Transfer Point's Glucan 300®, which has been demonstrated repeatedly to be the most potent and efficacious Beta 1,3D glucan available on the market today. Suggested use Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach, then wait 30 minutes before eating or as directed by a healthcare professional. Notes Highest product purity of active 1,3/1,6 polyglucose derived from the cell wall of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. No known toxicity.



More Information

PDF icon UK Fibromyalgia article on Beta glucan
(Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, 68.23kb)

PDF icon American Journal of Immunology 9 (2): 43-47, 2013
(Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, 174.42kb)

PDF icon Comparison between commercially available Beta Glucan. (Anticancer Research. 2018)
(Adobe Acrobat PDF Document, 128.77kb)



Amount per 2 capsules
Beta 1,3D glucan complex 200mg
Residues of carbohydrate (%)
1,3-linked polysaccharide 86.6%
1,6-linked polysaccharide 2.1%
2,3-linked polysaccharide 5.8%
3,6-linked polysaccharide 1.9%
Capsule: microcrystalline cellulose in vegetarian capsules



Can I mix with food or open the capsule and mix the powder in food?

Mixing beta glucan with a small amount of yogurt or even applesauce will not hinder absorption. It can also be added to water or juice for ease of ingestion. The powder will not dissolve in liquid, but will still make it to the small intestine for uptake into the Peyer’s Patches. However, foods that contain a large amount of fat and supplements that are not water soluble should be avoided for 30 minutes prior to taking beta glucan.

Why does Transfer Point Beta Glucan only list Beta 1,3 and not Beta 1,3/1,6 which I read was the best type to get.

All yeast derived beta glucans have the structural branching 1,3/1,6. Many in the industry use both as a way to insinuate higher quality. Transfer Point use the 1,3 on our label due to more activity being available at that particular branch.


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