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Bamboo Socks<br>Unisex High Performance Socks<br>Black 3 Pack<br>UK Sizes 4-7, 8-11

Bamboo Clothing
Bamboo Socks
Unisex High Performance Socks
Black 3 Pack
UK Sizes 4-7, 8-11

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Sold as a 3 pack. Our most popular style yet, with extra 'padding' on the sole, using terry towel knit, like sports socks; a bit shorter in the leg than the everyday classic black dress socks. Warm and thick. 78% bamboo, 20% nylon, plus 2% elastane Fabric made from bamboo is incredibly soft Bamboo fabric is smooth and luxuriously comfortable 'Bamboo Dry' - absorbs and evaporates sweat in a split second. It doesn't stick to the skin. Its extraordinary natural breathability keeps you comfortable and dry for longer. 'Bamboo Thermo-control' - bamboo fabric is highly breathable in hot weather and also keeps you significantly warmer in the cold than traditional fabrics. Keeping you more comfortable in all temperatures - Bamboo is incredibly soft That's just the way it is, naturally. Wearing a bamboo T-shirt for example, is like wearing cashmere, but for next to the skin. Bamboo is smooth and luxuriously comfortable At a microscopic level, bamboo fibre has a round surface. Because of this, it's very smooth and sits perfectly next to the skin. Petrol based synthetic fibres can sometimes irritate the skin and they also start to smell really quickly! 'Bamboo Dry' Wicks away moisture keeping you comfortable and dry. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, mainly because it has extraordinary water absorbency which helps it to grow fast. In fabric form it retains this unique, remarkable property. It's 3-4 times more absorbent than cotton. It 'wicks' away moisture from the body which then evaporates, keeping you - naturally - drier and more comfortable. When combined with 'Bamboo Thermo-control' qualities, you have an incredibly flexible addition to your wardrobe.. 'Thermo-control' Bamboo is remarkably breathable. In the heat, bamboo is naturally cool to the touch and this property is maintained in its fabric form. The cross-section of the bamboo fiber is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes. It has much better moisture absorption and ventilation. It's also very warm in cold weather, because of the same micro structure; as a base layer, warm air gets trapped next to the skin. Bamboo clothing is strong and durable. Repeated tests show this, and also that bamboo fibre has a high abrasion-proof capacity and also tenacity. The same bamboo used for scaffolding to build skyscrapers in Hong Kong was always going to be strong!

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