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Alikeine Red Relaxing Foot Cream

Asepta Laboratories
Alikeine Red Relaxing Foot Cream
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For Hot, Tired, Swollen Feet and Legs A Long LASTING Treatment Detoxifies Restores skin's pH Decongests (When feet and legs swell it is due to water retention) Relieves tension, soreness and pain. For tired, swollen, irritating feet, sensitive to heat, to walking and standing over long periods of time. Let the crème soothe the tired feet, swollen from walking or from tight shoes. The plan extracts used (hyperoxygenated cereal oil&sweet clover) provide an instant sensation of well being and comfort. Maintains the natural moisture balance of the skin from physical and organic chemical aggressive agents. Also eliminates foot odour, is pH balanced and is non-greasy. Active Ingredients Epaline Sweet Clover: Decongests Glycerin Deo-Active: Deodorizes

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