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Alikeine Green (hyperhydrosis)

Asepta Laboratories
Alikeine Green (hyperhydrosis)
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Active against excessive foot perspiration (hyperhydrosis). Exclusive patented myco-preventative USS Lipesters prevents mycotic infections. Protects the skin from any irritation caused by excessive perspiration. Neutralises bad odours. A treatment cream against hyperhydrosis: excessive foot perspiration of the feet. It regulates the sudorific (perspiration) flow without interrupting it. Neutralises excessive dampness and over heating of the soles. Podological advice Akileine Fresh Foot creme with CBCO/AL and UCO Lipoaminoacids should be used for optimal results. Furthermore the dermal quality of the excipient ensures an excellent absorbtion of the product. This formula: fights excessive perspiration controls sweat rate deodorises prevents growth of bacteria combats unpleasant odours. Indications Excessive perspiration Wet feet Unpleasant odours Recommended use First clean your feet, then apply morning and evening until fully absorbed. Massage well in between the toes. N.B. Clinical tests show that three weeks of treatment are necessary in order to regulate perspiration. Composition Capric triglyceride Cetyl alcohol Collagen Stearic Acid Glycerine Glyceryl stearate PEG-30 clycerl oleate

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