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What are the causes of cancer, and is there a cure for this most devastating of diseases? Why is it that some parts of the world show a dramatic rise in the cancer rate of those under 25? Why is bowel cancer incidence substantially higher in Scotland than in the rest of Britain? And why is the UK incidence of cancer the second highest in the world?
These and other vital questions are discussed in Cancer and Leukaemia: An Alternative Approach. Jan de Vries has researched both problems for many years and as a member of the Cancer Control Society, has worked with many of the world’s leading specialists in the alternative approach to cancer. This book explains what sufferers can do to help themselves. The author emphasises the need for a positive approach to the disease, relieving the inevitable stress it causes through exercise and visualisation techniques. Above all, he describes a variety of complementary methods which have proved effective in the prevention and control of cancer- related illnesses and he explains how relief can be obtained, working through the body’s immune system, which helps to stimulate our natural defence mechanisms. An indispensable book for cancer patients and their families, Cancer and Leukaemia: An Alternative Approach opens a few previously closed doors in the field of complementary medicine and offers practical advice and hope for the future.

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