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A Step at a Time - Jan De Vries' Autobiography








This book will give a record of a lifetime in complementary medicine! The interesting life of Jan de Vries is well explored in this autobiography and, as all his books, full of good advice.

A Step at a Time recounts world-renowned health guru Jan de Vries's amazing journey from his childhood in wartime Holland - during which he experienced the 'hunger winter' of 1944 - through an amazing 45-year career, during which he has earned a global reputation as an enduring exponent of complementary medicine. This gripping and highly entertaining autobiography reveals a great deal about the man and why so many people have turned to him in his role as a respected homoeopathic practitioner. His clinics are all overbooked with people from all walks of life.

What is the secret of 'the man with X-ray eyes', who sees much that others do not? Is it an extra sense, intuition or just his experience of over four decades of dealing with people and their medical problems? Author of almost 40 books so far, Jan de Vries has already shared a great deal of the knowledge gathered on his worldwide travels and through consultation with his great teachers. However, in A Step at a Time he reveals some of the secrets that people have always been intrigued by, not least how he can consistently work over 90 hours per week, manage ten clinics throughout the UK and Ireland and still find time for lecture tours which cover five continents. It is a candid biography in which he shares the gift bestowed upon him.

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